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FILLETED: 22.12.05

Welcome to the website of the Ministry of Undisclosable Purpose.

That which is not done, will remain undone.
That which is disclosed, will no longer be unknown.
This is undeniable.

At the Ministry, we - along with our executive branch iPol, the Invisible Police - accept responsibility for doing that which has to be done, without ever describing or explaining it. In the arena of events in which the strategically imperative meets the politically impossible or the philosophically inexplicable, we carefully intervene to ensure that the way things are continue as they would be without intervention. This is stability.

Thank you, fellow Ladonian citizen, for taking an interest in our Ministry, and visiting this site. Your patriotism is precious. Your interest is appreciated but unnecessary. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Be reassured, and sleep well.

But if you cannot, and suspect that our work is illusory, and that we exist only to satirise the weird glamour of secret government illegality, then still be reassured, if slightly less. We are content that you should think so.

But we do not comment on our aim, for we are the Ministry of Undisclosable Purpose.

Manny Neira
Minister of Undisclosable Purpose

Ladonia, 'tis for thee

Ladonian flagThe Remony of Ladonia

We are not ashamed to be patriots. All human lives are equally sacred, and Ladonian lives doubly so. Ours is a Project for a New Ladonian Century.

Here is a little information about the history and life of our great nation.

Learn to Love Your Ministry!

The inescapability of our love

Our love for our nation's citizens is unconditional. We do not ask anything in return: not your awareness, your approval, or your consent. We will do our work without thanks. And wherever you are, in Ladonia or in the world, be reassured that we will watch, protect, and act, without hesitation, whenever your situation demands.

The warmth of our silence

We of the Ministry make a solemn promise: that we will not burden you with knowledge, or trouble you with agency. Our silence is our gift to you, as your silence is your duty to your country.

The kindness of our war

Compassion is the highest value, and humanity demands we be ready to kill for it. The price of freedom is sometimes death, and all those who have paid may some day be free.

The importance of our futility

Many organisations like ours exist, and Ladonia can not afford to be the only player not in the game. You don't need to ask why are are needed. Just ask yourself this: if we are not, why has every national government in the world equiped itself with powers like ours? We think the answer is obvious.