Computers: Universe: Life, the UniVerse, and Everything

Introduction: Introduction to this course
Acknowledgements: Commercial Acknowledgements


About Universe: About the Universe DBMS
UniVerse and UNIX: UniVerse and the UNIX operating system
The UniVerse Paradigm: The conceptual framework of Universe


The Command Prompt: Using the ">" prompt
The Command Stack: Accessing your command history


UniVerse Files: Data storage in Universe
Directory Files: Directory or Type 1 Files
Static Files: Static or fixed modulo hashed Files
Dynamic Files: Dynamic or Type 30 Files


Records: Records and Editing
The Editor - ED: The Universe line editor: ED
Editor Macros: Programming in ED


The VOC File: The VOC or vocabulary File
Verbs: Verb (V) voc records
Keywords: Keyword (K) voc records
Paragraphs: Paragraph (PA) voc records
Sentences: Sentence (S) voc records
File Pointers: File pointer (F) voc records
Q Pointers: Q Pointer (Q) voc records
Remote Commands: Remote command (R) voc records
Other VOC Records: None of the above
LOGIN, ON.EXIT and ON.ABORT: 'In' and 'out' VOC records


Dictionaries: Data definition dictionaries
Data Fields: D type or data fields
Imaginary Fields: I type or imaginary fields
Phrases: PH type or phrases
Other Dictionary Items: None of the above
The Dictonary Dictionary: Defining the data definitions
The REVISE Command: The REVISE automated data entry system
Indexing Fields: Indexing in Universe


The Retrieve Query Language: Universe's enquiry language
A Note on SQL: Comparing SQL and Retrieve
Listing Records: Producing ad-hoc reports
Overriding Dictionaries: Redefining data in reports
Select lists: Record 'sets' in Universe


The TCL Command Language: Universe's command language
Record Commands: Commands to manipuate records
Terminal Commands: Commands utilising your terminal or VDU
Printer Commands: Commands to control printers and printing
Menus of Commands: Creating and using command menus


UniVerse Basic: UniVerse's programming language
The Build Cycle: Editing, compiling, and running programs
Basic Syntax: ED, BASIC, RUN
Basic Types: Variable typing in Universe Basic
Basic Operators: Listing of Universe operators with precedence
Basic Arrays: Handing arrays in Universe Basic
Basic Terminal I/O: PRINT, INPUT..
Basic Conditions: IF, CASE...
Basic Loops: LOOP, REPEAT...
Basic Flow Control: GOTO, GOSUB...
Basic File I/O: READ, WRITE....
Basic External Subroutines: CATALOG, CALL...
Basic Good Practice: Writing solid and maintainable code

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